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2-variable extension of classical nucleation theory.

Mesoscopic Nucleation Theory is used to construct a two-variable theory of droplet muceation that reveals non-classical behavior. The figure shows the free energy surface for droplet nucleation with the horizontal and vertical axes being the cluster radius and the density inside the cluster, respectively. The line is the most likely path for droplet nucleation from an initial low-density vapor.


[041] Backpropagation in Decision Trees for Regression

Victor Medina-Chico, Alberto Suárez, and James F. Lutsko, "Backpropagation in Decision Trees for Regression", Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Machine Learning, Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 2167, 348 (2001)


PHYSF475 Nanophysique

Graduate course, Physics, ULB, ULB, Campus Plaine, Bat. NO, 2014


Practique: Mercredi 10-12h Theory: Vendredi 10-12h Locale: Campus Plaine, NO 2.N5.107A